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Construction Insurance in Grand Prairie & Arlington TX

Lowering the Cost of Risk and improving your Bottom Line

The Blackburn Insurance Agency, Inc. is proud to provide insurance solutions to construction businesses in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Texas as well as surrounding areas.


Construction businesses require insurance plans that are tailored to each individual business.  Account size, contractor type, risk exposures, geographic area, and line of business are all factors that go into insurance plan decisions.  At Blackburn Insurance, we take these and a vast array of other factors into account when creating an insurance plan for you. 


Assembling a creative and protective insurance package for a business requires careful planning, adherence to industry demands and business-specific needs, and adequate coverage options.  We know industry demands and business needs well, but coverage choices from almost every insurance market in Texas are what set us apart. 


We give you the most choice and the greatest freedom to save.   Our options are comprehensive and our methods involve consultations that get to the heart of the risks you face and ways to protect against these risks.


What Coverages do we offer?

Most businesses carry general liability insurance, commercial auto, worker’s compensation, and umbrella insurance.  These are all standard coverages for most businesses.  These businesses also carry minimum damage coverage, which is often $1 million. 


We provide all of these coverages and meet all minimum protection requirements.  However, we offer more than that; we offer additional coverage options and higher levels of protection.  Depending on your business’s needs, we provide options that completely protect you at the level you deem most appropriate.  Our standard coverages are below, but they are only a portion of what we offer. 

  • ·         Liability insurance
  • ·         Property insurance
  • ·         Business vehicle insurance
  • ·         Workers’ compensation

How do we do Business?

We make local laws and regulations as well as any state and/or federal regulations by which you must abide primary considerations in our insurance consultations.  We also make your goals, operations, and individual needs parts of these consultations.  The result of delving deeply into your business’s functions and demands is a coverage plan that ensures continuous protection and affordable premiums.


This is how we do business – exhaustively and consultatively.  It’s our honor to help construction businesses run smoothly.  We would look forward to any opportunity to discuss how to keep your construction business running smoothly. 


Contact one of our insurance specialists today to go over your options and more.